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Perhaps your union is based on a mutually-agreed desire for an open marriage, which means you are both free to explore polyamorous relationships without any guilt of being labelled a cheating housewife?And maybe your husband can seek out his own dalliances with bisexual or bi-curious men in an open and loving manner?It doesn’t appear to be something a woman can control.” Furthermore, according to Diamond, many women she’s interviewed claim they are attracted to the person, not necessarily the gender, and are drawn to characteristics like kindness, intelligence and humour for that emotional connection.Sometimes that can be a man or sometimes that can be a woman.

It wouldn’t be until the late 19th century that lesbianism (or bisexuality) would become more culturally visible in England and continental Europe. One only has to look to popular culture – with TV shows like ‘Ellen,’ ‘The L Word,’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ and films like ‘Carol’ and ‘The Kids Are Alright’ - as well as songs such as Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ - to see a growing embrace of alternative lifestyles.

Or is your relationship deemed a “marriage lavender?

” In this case, a man and woman decide to marry in order to disguise the homosexuality of one or both partners – and again, with no consideration of romantic love or sexual attraction.

So if you are a lonely wife trapped in a sexless marriage or are simply curious to experiment romantically with both sexes, or are committed to female partners only – know that the choice is yours to make - with less fear of the archaic label of adultery.

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Through the years, the concept of women who prefer the company of other women – sexually, emotionally, socially - has always been spoken of in hushed tones or been rationalized to meet societal standards defined by men.

Let’s keep in mind that marriage itself takes many forms and can help explain why some women view cheating on their spouse as not only an acceptable but necessary outlet for their latent sexual fantasies.

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