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29-Oct-2020 11:27

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The table below outlines the meaning of these letter codes.Marshall amplifiers didn’t start using true serial numbers until July of 1969.It’s important to note that, especially in the early years, Marshall was not always consistent — there are exceptions to these rules.

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Examples: 0009 1963 JTM 45 Offset 1186 1963 JTM 45 Offset 2260 1964 JTM 45 Lead More Examples Beginning in 1965 Marshall abandoned the four-digit numbering system and began using model numbers, sometimes called series numbers and model codes.Examples: U 08177 1986 Model #2204S JCM 800 Master Volume Mini-stack Version S/A V 10779 1987 Model #2204 JCM 800 Master Volume S/A W 30626 1988 Model #2203 JCM 800 Master Volume S W 29583 1988 Model #1987S Lead More Examples In October of 1992 Marshall began using stickers printed with serial numbers and bar codes.These were comprised of nine digits in the format of xx-xxxxx-xx (though not always).Dating a Marshall amplifier can be a daunting task for even the most savvy of suitors — Amp Archives is here to help.

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The earliest Marshall amplifiers were made in 1962 and had no model or serial numbers.While there are serial-like numbers during this era, no standard serial number format has been identified.

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