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08-Oct-2020 07:22

See Also: Vanessa Nadal (Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Wife) Bio, Education, Nationality, Parents After their secret marriage in 2005, Luciana has done a very good job in keeping the affairs of her family under lock and key.In fact, a lot of their fans believe that their marriage has lasted this long because she has kept their personal lives off the spotlight.

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It is undeniable that the former hostess proves the fact that most celebrities end up marrying beautiful women.

Hiding behind the shadows is only attainable if you are not linked to any celebrated personality whether be it in the media, politics or even in the fashion world.

For Luciana Barroso who succeeded in living a very private life from her younger years, she eventually got a spot on the list of famous people after her union with the striking A-lister, Matt Damon.

On Matt’s part, he has seemingly kept most details about his better-half off the records irrespective of the facts that details pertaining to his life and career are readily available, in fact, there are more details of his relationship with his friend; Ben Affleck than his wife, Luciana.

Despite the power couple’s ability to hide under the shadows, Answers Africa has dug up a lot of facts you need to know about Luciana Barroso, keep reading…Luciana Barroso was born on a Saturday, precisely on the last day (31st) in the month of July 1976 in Argentina to a man who worked with an insurance company and a woman who earned income working as a housekeeper.She specialized on childhood education and was children’s psychologist.