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11-Sep-2020 21:32

Additionally, buy as much insurance as your business broker recommends so you are fully prepared for any type of unforeseen event.Outfit your meat market and design the space so meat cutting and preparation areas are as spacious and well-appointed as possible.As a newcomer to the business, you may have missed an essential task or piece of equipment that could halt or delay the grand opening of your butcher shop, so take this extra step as a precaution.Oversee the delivery of your meat products, set up a dating system to keep tabs on when each delivery of meat arrives at your shop and begin preparing cuts of meat to stock your display cases.A less-desirable funding source -- especially if you want to control every aspect of your meat market -- is to find a partner. If you're opening in a location that previously served as a meat market, freezer and refrigeration cases should already be in place.If starting from the ground up, shop and compare commercial suppliers to obtain essential equpment.Contact local health department and government agencies to ascertain the kinds of documentation required to open you business.Apply for these permits and licenses and, if possible, invite a member of the local board of health's inspection staff to tour the premises before you are ready to open.

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On a June night during New York's Pride Week, a rowdy crowd dressed in S&M-esque pajamas gathered on the roof of The Standard, High Line.Have adequate bags, wraps and other supplies on hand to package meat for customers. Power outages are a fact of life and are, at the very least, inconvenient when you're worried about keeping lights on.