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09-Aug-2020 21:32

The dumb-ass even copied the copyright statement and changed “United States” to “Canada” What a dork…International Introductions put this phony Philippine marriage agency out of business.This guy apparently cut and pasted the whole damn website, then changed the photos and a few words around and inserted Filipina girls in place of the Latinas.He copied text word-for-word and then inserted the word Philippines or Filipina in the place of Colombia or Latina.International Introductions is happy to show you the source and full context of all our quoted material.Latins Connection, another Barranquilla marriage agency that does not list a local office, also loved our slogan Engage the Exotic.This Philippine marriage agency website stole most of its content and design from International Introductions website.A witness on an Asian mail order bride forum said it best: "I took a look at both sites, and this isn´t just cutting and pasting photos.

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But instead you try to defend your position, not from a moral ground, but a legal one.Our demand that they discontinue the use of our slogan on 7/13/2004 was acknowledged and removed from their web site the next day.But this did not stop Barranquilla´s Best continued admiration of International Introductions.Barranquilla´s Best announces, “These are not statements about Barranquillas Best or Latin Dream Girls.” Now if you have to say this you know something fishy is going on.

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Take one statement from Barranquilla’s Best webpage: “I spend 4 days sitting in the agencies office meeting no one.

They love “borrowing” International Introductions material and ideas.