Miley dating

08-Sep-2020 08:52

Miley Cyrus hasn’t been shy of lip-locking with girls and guys, twerking on tours and generally showing too much PDA.

Her sexuality has been scrutinized, her every date publicized and her love life has literally been a fairytale roller coaster.

Miley, 26 has shared the wedding picture of her with her newly married hubby, Liam. However, they had not planned the wedding, they just got married when they felt like.

“We met on her set, I believe, and we dated,” the actor told Jimmy Kimmel. ” This teen heartthrob swooped the young Disney star off her feet and they soon become the most popular Disney couple to date – yup, Niley was a thing!

But sadly, the pressure of a relationship so young got in between the pair.

From a tween romance with a Jonas brother to a true love story with a movie star, this sassy celeb has had her fair share of heartaches.

After kissing a few frogs, she found herself back in the arms of her one true love, which only resulted in a disastrous divorce and media frenzy.The pair were inseparable until private pictures of them canoodling on the sofa were leaked to the press, which forced them to split and saviour Miley’s squeaky-clean image (the one that didn’t last much longer)!

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