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08-Oct-2020 01:48

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It's like having your very own tour guide who knows where all the hip bars, hot spots, and must-see tourist attractions are. For those who wish to keep things platonic and avoid romantic expectations, just be straightforward and honest from the beginning about your intentions.The same safety rules that you follow at home apply overseas.Simply download the app and start finding others who will be there too.Who you match up with or not is entirely up to you.

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Demand has spawned a wave of dating apps targeted at travelers.Once you accept, you can chat within the app and start making plans.Flip the Trip is a widely popular app that helps connect 43,000 travelers with like-minded companions in over 4500 cities.I learned so much from the experience, but there were definitely moments I truly wished there was someone beside me to share in the sights and sounds or to share a delicious local meal with.

Thankfully, apps like Airtripp allow you to find someone who's also a solo traveler in the same city from 200 countries or a local.

You never know who you'll meet while traveling, but you will with Tour Bar on your phone.