Motorcycle tire dating

02-Dec-2019 18:58

For these tyres, age is indicated by the last three digits.Take for example the serial number DOT XYZ WT1 188.There is no universal way of knowing which decade a tyre was made.During the 1990s, tyres were marked with a triangle pointing to the last digit of the serial number in order to distinguish them from previous decades.

Although there isn't a set expiration date as of yet, companies like Ford Motor Company already encourages its customers to scrap their tires if they're more than six years old [source: Holguin]. You can tell how old a tire is by looking on the tire's sidewall.On newer tires, those manufactured in 2000 or later, you'll see four numbers.The first two numbers indicate the week it was built and the last two digits specify the year the tire was made.These represent the week the tyre was made, followed by the year.

In the case of the serial number used above, the “18” would indicate the 18th week, and the “00” would indicate 2000.

We strongly recommend against driving with tyres of this age. At Bridgestone, we recommend that in addition to your own personal regular inspections, you have all your tyres, including spares, inspected regularly by a qualified expert at least once a year once they reach five years of age.

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