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Mara isn’t telling who’s throwing the party but whoever it is, he sure is particular. Hasselbring 4W / 9M / 4 Boys / 3 Girls Other Characters to be Played by Ensemble or Additional Cast: 13W / 11M / 3 Boys / 2 Girls Playing Time: Approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes Hasselbring stays true to Dickens in his adaptation of the best known Christmas story of all time.

Single Use Copyright Fee plus Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre. Many adaptations simplify the story, but Hasselbring includes all the special moments and characters that truly reveal the struggles of 1880’s London from “Want” and “Ignorance” clinging to the Second Sprit to the chimney sweeps on the street and Old Joe in his den of thieves.

by Cavan Hallman 2F / 1M Or up to a cast of 8 Approximate Playing Time: 1 Hour This exceptionally creative contemporary interpretation of the classic Sleeping Beauty story is filled with theatre games, songs and opportunities for audience participation.

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Single Use Copyright Fee plus Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre.Is he a narcissist who terrorized his wife or is Tom driven over the brink of insanity by the tribulations of their marriage and the pressures of life, maximized by a farm accident involving a young boy?