My boyfriend have been dating 8 years howcast high school dating advice

03-Nov-2019 01:30

my boyfriend have been dating 8 years-24

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We've lived together for 9 of those years, we've both got good jobs, a home, great sex life, we enjoy each others company, my only complaint is that he still hasn't proposed.

I worry that I'm actually starting to resent him.

Thanks Stop joking about proposals and have a frank discussion.

At 27 years old, you should be able to have a mature, adult conversation.

Sit him down and have a good, open talk about your future.

Talk about what marriage means to him, and if it's something he honestly wants with you move on to the next part. We’ve also survived the “so when ya gonna have kids? Again, child free or childless is a perfectly valid lifestyle.

A responsible couple talks these sort of BIG life decisions out long before a proposal happens.