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Oil storage tanks and drilling slush pits—used to collect chemicals, mud, and other debris produced during drilling—were unlined, often leaking into surrounding ranchland.

Legislators critiqued such practices as gratuitous waste of a precious resource.

Still, West Texas residents have a lot to gain from the renewed boom. Candidate in American Studies at the College of William & Mary.

By some estimates, oil trapped within the Wolfcamp shale is worth approximately 0 billion dollars. Bureau of Mines publicly stated that fracking is responsible for earthquakes in Oklahoma and in the Texas Panhandle.[8] Reports of renewed water contamination have made the news in West Texas. S.-Mexico border, a stiff battle rages between local activists concerned about water quality and oil pipeline companies.[9] While the region’s narrative of rugged independence sustained residents through decades of speculative expansion, challenges to this narrative make the industry’s, and the region’s, future uncertain. Her dissertation, “Refining the Desert: The Politics of Wealth, Industrialization, and Environmental Risk in the Twentieth-Century West Texas Oil Industry,” examines 100 years of regional oil industry expansion in the context of a national battle to regulate oil extraction and popular debates about appropriate workplace risk and industry monopoly., July 4, 1976, p. [2] “The largest oil deposit ever found in America was just discovered in Texas” [9] “Big Bend-Area Pipeline Clears Last Hurdle,” https://

West Texas is synonymous with big hats, big boots, and staunch “don’t tread on me” conservatism. For over 100 years, the harsh desert environment has been both the source of human suffering and of oil deposits that spelled massive wealth.

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Court cases and local activists have made the industry’s impact on environmental health undisputed.

A municipal dam project greatly reduced urban water shortages.

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