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No more bootcamp or virtualizing, just grab and go. This is the first LWorks title that is truly cross-platform.

Now more gamers than ever can enjoy this fun and challenging game.

(Note, the game says the menu can be only be used once. This code can be used as many times as you want to.) If you want to obtain the maximum amount of heavenly chips possible permanently, use: Game.cookies Reset = Number. Calculate Prestige(); If you want to gain infinity heavenly chips, use: Game.prestige = []; Game.prestige['Heavenly chips'] = Infinity; Game.prestige.ready = 1; Game.recalculate Gains = 1; If you want to change the dungeon level, use: The level affects amount of cookies rewarded and spawning of monsters.

The new level goes into effect after the boss is defeated.

Debug upgrades come in the form of upgrades that can only be enabled by using cheats. There are currently 10 debug upgrades available: If you find yourself constantly typing or copypasting cheats or commands, you may want to consider defining a function.

However, they can still be gotten with the unlock and buy cheat.

Fourteen years ago, a crazy audio game with a kid running around in Santa's factory to steal toys for himself was released.

It has become one of the most classic and iconic audio games people think about during the holidays. No problem, you and all your European pals can compete together. If you played old versions of the game, you will remember that having to escape from Santa was as simple as running to the same exit repeatedly. Now you'll need to use strategy, nerves of steel, and a bit of luck to escape. He might even have a surprise or two up his sleeves. If you like all sorts of numbers and statistical stuff, then version 2.04 has you covered.

It is recommended that you export your save and paste it onto a file before cheating in case of undesirable results. Note that a return of 'undefined' does not mean that it failed to execute, just that there was nothing to display back to the user.

For the sake of organization, all scripts will follow this format: , indicating that this is where you enter your code. Microsoft Windows: Press to open the Error Console. // ==User Script== // @name Cheat Interface // @namespace Cookie // @include // @version 1 // @grant none // ==/User Script== var old Onload = window.onload; window.onload = function () The decoded save follows a certain format, take this save for example: 1.0393