Newgrounds dating sim ending

29-Apr-2020 15:09

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I think any girl would find it pretty tasteful still. edit: Oh poor Mac users like me You planning on releasing the Mac and Linux versions of the game as well? ) my first playthrough, and then I got one of Sato's Endings. Keeves's appearance and Polar's extremely ripped abs scared me, though, and Jaja's speech was a little hard to understand at first, but then I got used to it. Will give feedback after I'm done The screenshots intrigued me. Thing is its kinda hard to get that ending so...maybe ur lucky? The music is mostly from the CLANNAD OST although I tried to give every guy their own theme song sorta. (Oh ya and not to spoil anything but you cant hook up with Jaja... I never want to think about it again." (I discovered Tales of Lemma just weeks before I found their Eva and Love Hina fangames.

I was a little scared of Marlain when I first saw him, since he had such wide, child-bearing hips and beautiful nails, too. Has a Dragon Ball Z feel to it o.o;;;; (maybe it's just that football jock with the six packs). If the opposite had been true, I might've been filled with despair.) If you read the Clannad ren'ai game review on Ex-Fansubber ( you'll hear that in the actual game, the writers were constantly giving shout-outs to female fans.

I went on Newgrounds and was playing this dating sim. (I remembered her sign and beat up her ex boyfriend.

lol) Then I think I got the good ending and subjected to....I was only 14 at the time!

For the most part, dating sims take away complicated gaming mechanics and favors the power of decision making, all while breaking the fourth wall to make fun of you.

I thought I was going to see bubbles and sparkles and roses sorta deal.

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