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06-Oct-2020 21:44

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The backing vocals of Dexter Holland of the Offspring don’t quite suit the song though.

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They’ve already recorded an album together, which they’re currently shopping to various record labels.Their old guitarist, Markus Stopholese, left without much fanfare and was replaced by the lead singer’s, Davey Havok, roommate and good friend Jade Puget. It would no longer be appropriate to continue to sing about “Cereal Wars” or “Key Lime Pie”.Finally, AFI was never the greatest hardcore punk band – their first two albums (“Answer That and Stay Fashionable” and “Very Proud of Ya”, despite being branded as hardcore punk, musically sounded more like a harder version of pop punk, and their third album “Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes” sounded like a bit of a rush job.“No Poetic Device” – 8/10: I like this song very much.

Like “Exsanguination”, it is more of a progressive song.“The Last Kiss” – 10/10: It is nowhere near as aggressive as the first few tracks. The chorus has a call-and-response pattern that suits it very well.