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If your application is declined, you have 60 days to request a reason (if you didn’t receive one in the first place).The issuer then has 30 days to explain the reason they declined the application, and by law is required to either send you what’s known as an “Adverse Action Notice” telling you why or inform you that you are allowed to make the request.Fixing billing errors has an immediate impact on one’s wallet, but similar mistakes can really damage your credit.The Fair Credit Reporting Act (1970) and its amendment, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (2003), give consumers the right to accurate credit reports and provide a pathway to fixing one’s credit reports.

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Discrimination, unfortunately, has a long history of blocking equal access to all kinds of goods and services. In addition to those protections, an applicant cannot be discriminated against for receiving public assistance or for exercising their rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. For now, just know that you can’t be penalized for calling out illegal policies.Creditors can also ask about public assistance if that’s part of how an applicant will repay their credit.