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25-Jul-2020 13:21

Some friends and I left Berlin to do a road trip to Garbicz so we left on a high note.As I remember we arrived just before my set, but entering the festival area totally set the tone for the whole experience. Almost everything was made of wood and the light was playing with the surroundings so well.Rob and Tom, who put the festival on, are proper music people and that's shown in its interesting and eclectic programming." "Emmaboda is located in the deep Swedish wasteland known as Småland.It used to be the main Swedish indie/twee festival and it still is in a way, but the programming has progressed over the years, into covering all sorts of things, with a focus on loud and camp stuff from Sweden and beyond.The DJ booth is a cozy wooden tree cabin and the dancefloor is the forest.I've been invited to play all-night set there regularly over the last few years. The crowd doesn't consist of your typical dance festival 'pros' but are perhaps even more open-minded for it." "I played Garbicz Festival a few years back and now count it as one of my favourite festival memories to date. There's always so much to consider: the DJs you want to see, whether you fancy staying on home turf or going abroad and, as is almost always the case, how much money it's going to set you back.

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Also, all the DJs stay together in this hotel/villa, so we get to see each other all the time, which is loads of fun and leaves plenty of moments to catch up properly.