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27-Jul-2020 10:38

Most of the times we fail to realize that the unconscious mind is powerful and plays a crucial role.It picks up things that might not be that obvious; your unconscious mind is most likely to notice things about other people, what they’re doing, their reactions, etc. Body language is another example of nonverbal communication in marriage, a person’s posture can tell you a lot about what the other is thinking.While apologizing, smile a bit to show that you really are sorry.When you see your partner is stressed out, a hug or a light touch on their arm will show them that you’re there for them even if they don’t wish to talk about it yet.Hence, both verbal and nonverbal communication is equally important.Now, let’s understand how you can improve nonverbal communication in romantic relationships like marriage. Express your affection and love Telling your partner you love them is a great way to keep your marriage happy and healthy.Another interesting fact about nonverbal communication in marriage or any relationship is that it is easy to catch a liar or a cheater.Their unwillingness to make eye-contacts during conversations, their body language, and hand movements will tell you they are hiding something or simply lying.

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Nonverbal communication plays an essential role in verbal communication.

As mentined earlier, nonverbal communication in marriage involves things such as body language, maintaining eye contact, your facial expressions, and gestures, etc.

It’s essential that you express affection towards your spouse in a physical, non-sexual way to keep a marriage healthy.

If you aren’t able to ‘show’ how you feel, there’s a chance that your spouse might think that you don’t truly love them, hence the beginnings of marriage issues.

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To show your affection toward them, you can make use of simple gestures such as holding their hands or rubbing their shoulders while watching TV, or even giving them an expected hug.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication helps to create and maintain relationships.

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