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Advocates for this population contend the true rate is likely far higher.Many more people between the working age of 18-64 have told the Census Bureau they have a disability, though they receive no government compensation.Those who work inside the system say many with disabling conditions either decline to apply for benefits or they were rejected by the daunting application process.

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They are often outdoor jobs, where physical limitations lead to income limitations.

Northern Michigan is part of a national phenomenon that emerged two decades ago and especially during the Great Recession of 2008-10, when an abrupt decline in blue-collar jobs left certain workers – mostly in their 50s, suffering from chronic medical conditions – unemployed or underemployed for years at a time.

With jobs in manufacturing, construction and similar manual labor beyond their reach, these economic outcasts also held little chance of landing employment in the region’s fragile retail sector or service industries.

The center concluded that any significant reductions to the Medicaid program would force some of the disabled out of their homes and into institutional settings, such as nursing homes.

One broad category of disability recipients includes victims of accidents or debilitative diseases ranging from cancer to congestive heart failure and multiple sclerosis, as well as developmental disabilities. The second ‒ and far more contested and controversial ‒ disabled population is dominated by those with “musculoskeletal” problems such as a failing back, knees or hips, and those with some form of mental illness.“Most people still want to work but the (system) realizes …