Nstextfield not updating

14-May-2020 20:47

A longer write-up is at my blog: https://blog.ronaldoussoren.net/2019/02/03/(If this question is posted in the wrong place, I happily repost it elsewhere) This could be related to the SDK the main binary is linked to (the application stub from py2app vs. In particular, the NSXPCInterface error mentions “extended method signature” and I haven’t found any reference to those yet in Apple documentation.I don't know if it will be helpful for this purpose, but Ian Beer has a talk about mac OS IPC mechanisms - from the perspective of exploiting them, rather than programming against them :) but perhaps some of the internal details he talks about will be useful to you: (Frankly a lot of this stuff goes over my head; I don't know a whole lot about Mach and the more I learn about ports the scarier they seem.) Thanks for the link.

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The annoying bit is that the flag is new in 10.14, and CPython installers are created on 10.9 which means those won’t include the new flag for a long time.In 3.7 the line in ctypes/__init__that causes the exception is a call that creates a dummy C function, and likely triggers the first allocation for storing a libffi closure which could be something the hardened runtime doesn’t like (being writeable executable memory).