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21-Dec-2019 10:02

Yes, kids, that’s what we call a painful fricken’ hack.

The next big headache was caused because you can’t set a window’s frame using non-integral points. The best example is with the Ruler tool: the origin of the ruler can be positioned to both even and odd pixels on screen.

Creating an NSRect just to align the origin is a pain.

As Cocoa developers, we’re used to the pain and suffering caused by flipped view coordinates.

x Scope, however, does a lot of work with both pixels and points. The first gotcha I encountered while doing the Retina update was with mouse input using NSEvent’s .

The team at Apple has done some amazing work making sure output looks stunning on the Retina display, but being able to get high-resolution input is definitely lacking. The first is that mouse coordinates can be reported for coordinates that do not exist on any attached screen.

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I used the migration assistant to copy data from my old macbook to this one.As I alluded to on Episode 14 of The Talk Show, this update was harder than most.The 68k to Power PC, Carbon to Cocoa, and Power PC to Intel transitions were no walk in the park, but this update really kicked my butt.This is very similar to the issue here: Finder slow/freeze under Mavericks In fact, deleting the plist file resolves the issue.

But only for a few minutes then the freeze comes back.The second is that the NSPoint does not contain enough resolution to address every pixel on screen.