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11-Nov-2019 17:35

The weight loss and the new photos have helped my online dating results, as I assumed they would. (Sadly, most of the women opening me are my age, and since I don’t online date women over age 30 any more, it’s a bittersweet victory). I’m going to now (theoretically) get “better looking people” in my “match results”. My guess is that OKCupid’s stupid “Quickmatch” and “Quiver” features (two features I never use and never will since I prefer to chose whom I fuck, not some web site algorithm, thank you), will provide me with chicks who rank higher on their rating system.

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Better even, since I’m under the opinion that older men tend to look better, tougher, rougher, and more masculine than young guys.

Just my opinion of course (and yes, I felt that way when I was a young guy…I hated my baby face back then.) I’ve even made the decision that once I lose those last 30 pounds I’m going to start doing daygame again, since in daygame good looks can boost your results even more than with online game.

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