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Limited to 250 each worldwide, and with only the first 100 released prior to Christmas, the first editions will feature artwork from San Francisco-based artist Andy Howell, Noumeda Carbon of Florence, Italy, and Tesha Beaudry Okolowsky of Montreal, Canada. Uhr, i Podlounge, Permalink Backstage: At 2010, Reaching The End of the i Phone Road My current contract with O2 is coming to an end soon, and while the last 18 months with my i Phone have been ‘fun,’ the cost is something I’m seriously considering as possibly not worth bearing.The question: do I continue my contract, seek another provider, or drop the i Phone as a data device altogether?Bear in mind that I haven’t come close to using all my inclusive texts and minutes on the £35 plan I have been on, and don’t… Uhr, i Podlounge, Permalink Skydda, Newer Tech release new Mac Book accessories Skydda Design and Newer Tech have each extended their lines of Mac Book accessories, releasing the Bamboo Book carrying case and updated Nu Power replacement batteries.Major cities in the state, including Killington, Vernon, Warren and more will receive the faster service this week, with more cities coming online by December 31st.This includes but is not limited to Stowe, Jamaica and Winooski.

Das Uhr, Apfeltalk, Permalink Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000: the perfect travel keyboard?

The big advantage Apple would have is linking its application to the i Tunes Store, which creates the potential for more revenue.

Continental to launch in-flight Wi Fi in 2010 Looks like Continental is the lastest to inch closer to our dream of Wi Fi on every flight: the airline just announced that it'll be rolling out Gogo in-flight internet service on 21 Boeing 737-300s in its fleet starting in Q2 2010.

Uhr, Mac Fix It, Permalink i Phone overtakes Windows Mobile's US share in October The number of active i Phone users in the US has passed that of Windows Mobile for the first time, new data from com Score shows.

After just pulling even with Microsoft in July, Apple's smartphone platform jumped to an average of 8.97 million current users in October, well ahead of Microsoft's 7.13 million.

Later, in 2010, Barre, Montpelier and Northfield, among others, will also get the faster service.