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08-Sep-2020 22:26

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In general, a major engine version upgrade can introduce changes that are not compatible with existing applications.In contrast, a minor version upgrade includes only changes that are backward-compatible with existing applications.For more information about the supported DB instance classes for each version and edition of Amazon RDS Oracle, see Choosing the DB Instance Class.Before you perform a major version upgrade, Oracle recommends that you gather optimizer statistics on the DB instance that you are upgrading.Amazon RDS takes two DB snapshots during the upgrade process.The first DB snapshot is of the DB instance before any upgrade changes have been made.To perform a major version upgrade, modify the DB instance manually. In some cases, your current Oracle DB instance might be running on a DB instance class that isn't supported for the version to which you are upgrading.In such a case, you must migrate the DB instance to a supported DB instance class before you upgrade.

However, a major version upgrade from Oracle version to Oracle version isn't supported.Note Amazon RDS only takes DB snapshots if you have set the backup retention period for your DB instance to a number greater than 0.