Outlook 2016 tracking not updating

18-Oct-2019 20:47

Am I missing something here or is this a useless feature? There isn't a magic connection between the meeting invitation and Outlook - Outlook needs to be told that the invitation was accepted (or declined) and the way to tell Outlook is to send the response.While you might think that using an Exchange server would create a hidden connection between the recipient's and organizer's calendar and update the meeting, it doesn't work that way.Outlook needs the response message returned before it can update the message.

After setting these tracking options, the receipts that you receive are pretty much instantly processed and moved to your Deleted Items folder.When a user with full access to a different mailbox sends invitations to meetings and receives replies Outlook is not always updating the tracking records. There seems to be no pattern to this - not particular people, not particular times of day, nothing specific about the meeting.When the user has received an Accept/Decline response, that response is not always shown in the Tracking section on the meeting details.Visit Stack Exchange I have a recurring meeting set up in Outlook that everyone has already accepted to.

I want to update one occurrence of the meeting with an agenda - something that would not change acceptance status.

The invitee said she accepted the meeting and choose not to send a response.