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16-Mar-2020 21:20

Whether in the haunted Poor Man’s House from her Living With Ghosts debut, to the bullied kid who kills himself in Tony, or the Martin Luther King invoking empowerment of Up To The Mountain, her songs freeze life and truth in amber.Like John Prine, creating visceral moments that will break your heart or open your empathy like a vein, Griffin’s songs feel like something that happened to you.Captured moments of someone’s life, that although you weren’t a part of it in real time, you feel like you were there, and empathize with the characters. Patty just does it a little better than everyone else.” “It’s spiritual, and primal and seemingly effortless,” Womack adds.It has also been absent of late, the voice going quiet for the last couple years.

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Road song “Luminous Places” covers a wide terrain before an intimate conclusion, and closer “Just the Same” ponders a relationship’s ebb and flow and the consequences of patience and perseverance.

“That mortality part suddenly gets very real.” She laughs as she shares this.