Payloadvalidatinginterceptor source

14-Nov-2019 16:04

This is a peculiar issue that seems to relate to validator getting the parameter type wrong. * * The problem is documented at * * */ public class Payload Validating Interceptor With Source Fix extends Payload Validating Interceptor turns out it is not that easy. Turns out the message is misleading, and there are other issues that can cause this problem.

There seems to be two workarounds for JBoss, Workaround one: include message parsers in your app this has however the unfortunate consequence of breaking hotdeployment of your app, giving org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers. I could see from the logs that errors were detected on validation of invalid responses, but responses were still turning up, no soap faults were in sight. It turned out this is a known issue, affecting spring-ws 2.1.0-2.1.2, to be fixed in 2.1.3. The logic, which you can follow up with a debugger, goes as follows: As can be seen from the code, by “support” we mean that both request type and response type are supported.

We’ll add Open Shift as a remote repo and create an Open Shift branch for any Open Shift specific changes.

Normally, you will be working in your master branch.

i'm using spring-ws 2.0.2 , spring-ws-test run integration tests of soap server.

Hi All, I am using Payload Validating Interceptor for validating request and response.

It is probably more useful to compare your branch against the local master branch.

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