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26-Jan-2020 04:09

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crop=5760,3240,0,300&resize=685"sizes="(min-width: 768px) 685px, 100vw"srcset="// It has every ingredient of a Richard Curtis romance: a befuddled British establishment figure, lonely in power, meets a woman also lonely, wielding her own kind of power.

One woman comments dryly that a typical message consists, in its entirety, of “Hi, their!

”How women present themselves is a topic about which I can speak more knowledgeably.

But let’s be careful not to romanticize romance in the days before we did this.

Back then, I went on plenty of blind dates during which my thoughts kept turning to the well-meaning mutual friend who had set us up: “What could she have been thinking?

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So, yes, there’s something unnatural and unseemly about playing Click for Love, trawling for kindred spirits in a virtual sea of singles.It was when the first woman with whom I had exchanged messages invited me to give her a call that I suddenly realized just how screwy and contrived online dating really is.