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02-Jun-2020 01:00

Because they’re compact, your wallet will still be able to fit gracefully into your pocket with room to spare.

When you purchase a burner phone, you will have the option of multiple per-minute calling plans or calling cards with a certain number of texts and minutes of your choice that lasts for a certain amount of time.

These phones keep can help your identity anonymous and your privacy intact for a very affordable price.

For the stand-alone option, prepaid phones eliminate the hassle of dealing with an extra phone bill while keeping your privacy completely secure.

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But we do support the use of burner phones for a range of other use cases, none of which involve crime or anything particularly “shady”. A burner phone can be either an app or a standalone phone that allows you to create a temporary, or unidentifiable phone number that can’t easily be traced back to you as a person.Burner phones protect your identity from even the most powerful government groups; even the NSA doesn’t have the ability to track you. Well, the secret to how burner phones work merely lies in how a user (individual making the call) is identified. Your identity remains largely “off the grid” and away from prying eyes.

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