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Some manufacturers produced many different movements with the same basic layout and identical train and keyless work components, but with different patterns of cocks and bridges.

The pictures on this page can help to identify movements without seeing the keyless work, but be careful to make sure that all the features, the shapes of the plates and bridges, the placement of the screws and pivots, are exactly the same; similar is not close enough!In 1936, the Wittnauer watch company joined with Longines watches and became the Longines-Wittnauer Co. As such, many vintage Wittnauer watches have serial numbers that are listed under the Longines Company.Turn the watch over to determine if the case back is a snap back or screw back.In fact, the apparently huge variety of Swiss watches is explained by this phenomenon: once the basic layout in a round movement of the barrel, train wheels, escapement and balance was arrived at, there was little scope, let alone need, to change it.

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Manufacturers altered the appearance of their movements by changing the top plates, but the basic layout remained much the same.The movements are definitively identified as Eterna by their keyless work, but their top plates are different from those shown in Jobin.