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30-Jun-2020 11:15

Games won't deceive you, Villains Never Lie (or if they do, it is obvious) and you're the one pulling the strings.Characters' expectations will be subverted but will not be.Additionally, this is not the same as having No Fourth Wall. Also, this trope often deals with plot details, so spoilers ahead.

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This over-expectation of your conversation with her can make you feel nervous and tense.One example of an expectation gamers have is that achieving 100% Completion, if it does anything, will make the ending happier, or at least clarify it in some way, to reward the player for going deeper into the game.Thus, a game can play with that expectation by offering up a ending or by adding something that turns a previously understandable series of events into one big Mind Screw, or admonishing the player (either by proxy or by Breaking the Fourth Wall) for thinking all that grinding would matter. To someone that has played, for instance, would come as quite a shock.The VP is playing out a well-rehearsed dysfunctional pattern, and while you’re being put on a pedestal now, you’re being set up for a big fall. There’s always a reason, an excuse, a mitigating factor that prevents the VP from, say, picking up kids from school or camp, shopping for groceries (you shop, you pay), dealing with family issues or finances, even co-parenting with an ex. The VP has chosen you carefully because you fail to make this distinction.

Eventually, all these tasks and more begin to fall on your capable shoulders. Your involvement deepens to the point that removing yourself—which at times you consider—would devastate the VP, leaving him or her to fend for herself in a cruel world filled with uncaring friends and vicious enemies.

They never tell us what did—their role in the saga—or what they are doing about it, other than nursing their wounds and plotting revenge, but focus instead on what’s been done to them and what they wish someone (that someone soon to be revealed as us) would do about it.