Potassiumargon dating early human fossils

29-Jan-2020 17:15

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Differences among them suggest that Asia may once have been home to several species of Gigantopithecus, probably related to Siva- pithecus.

Estimates of the giant ape’s size cover a broad range.

Could encounters with surviving Gigantos be the source of folklore about apemanlike creatures such as Yeti in the Himalayan region and Sasquatch or Bigfoot in North America? For one thing, no proof exists that Yeti and Bigfoot are real.

Some experts think it may have been only a little larger than the largest pri- mates alive today, adult male silverback gorillas.

52 This would make Giganto about 6 feet tall (under 2 meters), with a weight of about 400 pounds (181.6 kilograms).

By 17 to 15 million years ago, primates existed that paleontologists can definitely identify as apes.

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In fact, so many fossil apes are known from the AMONG THE PRIMATES 37 Proconsul, a possible ancestor of apes, lived in Africa approximately 20 million years ago.

Only in Africa, which remained covered with thick trop- ical forests, did primates continue to flourish. Fossil deposits from Fayum, Egypt, show that North Africa had a large and diverse group of these species between 36 and 31 million years ago.

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