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17-Mar-2020 22:55

When Q exports a table or chart to Power Point and Excel it scans the documents to see if the code is contained within the document and, if it is found, the option of updating is provided.

This updating mechanism is relatively robust and can be used to update a document from multiple Q projects and also to update multiple different documents from a single Q project.

The following options are then provided: In order for a document to be updated, Q needs to know that you wish to export to that document.

This is done via the steps described in Changing the document being exported to.

Select ‘The line below trips run-time error ‘1004’: Pastespecial method of range class failed Selection. Close Set ws = Nothing Set wb = Nothing Set my Chart Data = Nothing Set my Chart = Nothing Set xl App = Nothing Set xl Work Book = Nothing End Sub Hello!

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The update properties for linked data files in Power Point are set to manual and update automatically is unchecked.I've started working on a macro to automate this process. Open("C:\abc.xlsx", True, False) xl Work Book.sheets("Weekly AVA Chart"). Copy Set xl App = Nothing Set xl Work Book = Nothing ' Open Embedded Spreadsheet Active Presentation.

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