Project server event handler onupdating

07-Feb-2020 09:02

It’s also possible to define a part of the path as a wildcard by surrounding this part with curly braces, like you can see in the following: inside the event handler function.By using authentication triggers you’re able to execute code in response to the creation and deletion of a user account via Firebase Authentication.

To do so we need to register for events on a specific database path like:f function is called and the database path we would like to register for is passed in as a parameter.

With this new service Firebase offers a scaleable solution for running back-end code in the cloud.

Running code in the cloud has various advantages: In the following tutorial you’ll get an overview of Firebase Cloud Functions.

If you have not created a Firebase account yet, you need to do so first.

Having logging in you’ll be able to see the following message: You’re being asked to select the Firebase project you would like to use for the Firebase Cloud Functions project.To create an event handler function which is executed if a new user is created you need to use the following code: With Cloud Storage Triggers you can trigger a the execution of a Firebase Cloud Function in response to uploading, updating, or deleting of files and folders in Google Cloud Storage.

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