Psychiatrist dating former patient

02-Jan-2020 00:58

Psychiatrists must use their scientific understanding of the brain, their psychological understanding of the human mind and interpersonal relationships, and their gut-level intuitions about people to guide them in asking the right questions, establishing accurate diagnoses, and prescribing the right course of treatment (including psychotropic medications, psychotherapies, and other modalities).In order to accomplish these goals, they must gather an enormous amount of personal information about the patient and establish a therapeutic alliance that is based on trust and fidelity to the professional role.Psychiatrist loses licence after dating ex-patient--TORONTO - A Toronto psychiatrist has lost his licence to practise after becoming romantically involved with a former patient less than a month after their professional relationship ended.The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says Dr.The clinical experience centers on diagnostic and treatment decisions occurring in the context of a structured relationship that is regulated by principles of professional ethics and personal boundaries.At the same, however, patients and psychiatrists are unique and autonomous agents with emotional responses to one another that may evoke a wish for a personal friendship or other sorts of personal relationships that are outside the bounds of the usual professionally defined structures.In the very best situations, and especially in long-term treatment, a mutual bond between the two individuals gets forged.That bond is marked by mutual respect, trust, and emotional resonance.

Ghabbour's case is not a case of sexual abuse of a patient, rather, professional misconduct in that he started a sexual relationship too soon after termination, the very nature of the relationship, the profound vulnerability of this specific patient and Dr.He also faces a reprimand and has been ordered to pay ,000 to cover the costs of the two-day hearing.