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12-Oct-2019 08:44

The Sixth Amendment guarantees all defendants the right to the assistance of legal counsel in felony cases.If a person cannot afford to hire an attorney, courts will appoint a lawyer free of charge, not only for felony cases but also for misdemeanors that can result in incarceration.Defendants who request appointed counsel typically must complete a short sworn statement listing their income, debts, and assets.

The court will appoint the local public defender’s office or a local private attorney from an approved panel.The Missouri State Public Defender System (MSPD) provides legal representation to all indigent citizens accused of or convicted of crimes in Missouri at the levels of the State Trial Court, Appellate Court, Missouri Supreme Court, and United States Supreme Court.MSPD attempts to provide every client with a high-quality, competent, ardent defense team at every stage of the process in which public defenders are necessary.If the court appoints the public defender’s office, that office will assign one of its attorneys to the case.

If the court appointed a private attorney from its panel, it may assign a lawyer from a list of attorneys on duty that day for court appointments.See our current vacancies if you are seeking litigation experience and cutting-edge training opportunities.

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