Racist dating black girl

14-Nov-2019 05:00

Do you think saying you’re “not into” a certain race is just a matter of preference?A lot of people do – and Kat Blaque used to be one of them.I, again, am not someone who gets upset with people being like, “Oh, I don’t like black girls,” because okay, good for you.Why would I want to deal with somebody who’s not interested in me?And to me, you have to really think about why you have these preferences.Whenever I ask someone, whenever I see someone who has racial preferences and I ask them why, when you ask somebody why they have these preferences, usually you’ll get an answer and that answer will usually reveal that these racial preferences are actually quite racist.

Why do you prefer a person of this race or that race or that look? I think when you really start to think about these things and really start to digest these things and really start to be honest with yourself about that, you can start to realize that this is messed up. Why are you even feeling the need to put that in your profile that you prefer a person of this race or that race, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera?

I’ve been on dates with guys who have said to me point blank, we’re on a date, we’re sitting in here, we’re having a conversation, we’re on a date.

And they’ve said to me that they preferred Asian women because Asian women are more submissive.

We’re taught that The entire industry of beauty is geared towards white women. And so it’s natural to be a person of color and to view that as an elevated position and therefore pursue that.

And I know for me, I can be honest about it now, I didn’t think about it like this back then, I think for me, having the approval of a white man made me feel good.I remember there was a time where I used to say I only dated white and Latino men. And that was very, very much—when I think about it, when I look back at myself back then, that was very much something that was informed by white supremacy.

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