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02-Oct-2019 20:36

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i think it’s safe to say Haze knows this hence all the debug code being added to the drivers with a view to pinning down what games read what commands and when to hopefully create some new protection code to handle these commands ASP I vaguely remember such a board for RF2 but no one’s been able to confirm the existence of these and I’m personally running from 14 year old memories of the old arcade I used to enjoy going to. Screenshots here: Hy Stupid question: what happens if an unemulated command/ illegal opcode is called ? coincidental timing, but I did just suggest we start to look into ‘easy to add / easy to maintain / non-harmful’ user friendly features where possible.

Speaking of the 2000 boards, hap’s recent update to the SPI driver that removed E-Jan’s imperfect graphics tag (woohoo! Shouldn’t the CPU or whomever it concerns cause a failure or some defined exception ? always seems a bit silly to me for us to be losing users to alt MAME builds or other emulators just because of a few simple missing features, I do prefer people to be testing the baseline builds where possible, and such a feature would make testing easier, even for devs.

Below is a video of me playing Zero Team 2000 from start to finish.

As mentioned below the protection in NZT / ZT2000 is much weaker than the regular ZT sets, so the emulation is much more trustworthy – the regular game I believe still uses unemulated commands in some places.

(and for some less popular systems that mentality unfortunately never changed) MESS has stayed further in the other direction, we try to encourage proper use of the systems, which is tricker, especially as many had different keyboard layouts, or required very specific configurations to work.

Thanks for the rls Haze, good to finally play Zero Team – your work is very much appreciated :) Sorry but another request as I see others have mentioned – is there any work planned on getting Legionnaire (TAD Corporation) finally working?

it’s probably unlikely to happen tho ;-) ok, thanks, I dropped you an email, the German sets are often quite interesting because it seems Tuning got Seibu to tweak the game to their liking, sometimes resulting in versions with obvious changes to presentation or difficulty.

I have suggested to Micko that we need the ability to bind a Lua script to a key or joypad button.

Seibu seems to make a lot of wonky decisions with regards to their hardware but they don’t seem to be entirely without logic!

raiden fighters 2 mame not updating-2

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Did you know that apparently there might be Raiden Fighters/2/Jet 2000 boards out there with proper YMF271-F sound?

We didn’t provide binaries for them, and people saw them as less stable, even if they were often more stable than the binaries we offered.