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You shouldn't sound smart,'" she says, shifting in her seat. I just started saying things." Appearances on the hip-hop DVD series The Come Up four years ago led to a Lil' Wayne-like flurry of mixtapes and featured appearances, leading, not surprisingly, to Lil' Wayne signing her to his label, Young Money.

Now with her debut album, Pink Friday, ready to drop in November, her next act, she says, is to connect emotionally with listeners in a way her scenery-chewing appearances never could. This is me explaining every single relationship that I've ever been in and explaining it in a way that every woman in this world can understand it." It's hard to imagine this hip-hop Lady Gaga getting emo, and let's face it, the singles so far, "Massive Attack" and "Your Love," haven't quite nailed what she claims next-level Nicki Minaj will sound like.

She recalls a particularly revelatory assignment reading Othello. And the second line was, 'Iago, who done it' -- question mark. 'Tis monstrous Iago who done it," which basically gives the story away.

The fact that punctuation can change what you're saying, I guess that's why I love hip-hop -- being able to say the same thing but it meaning a different thing," she says.

But her 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, is Minaj 101.

On "Still I Rise," she waxes Eminem-like on a more Elton John-like subject: "And I only stop for pedestrians, or real real bad lesbians." It's lines like these that have made her hip-hop's gayest MC -- a Jay-Z for the drag queens, as it were.

"I just know that I've always been visual," she says.

"I think because of that, I didn't put limits on myself or what I was going to put in my raps.

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