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13-Aug-2020 23:04

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Go shut yourself in a clutter-free, distraction-free room with a pen and paper. We fear possible scenarios with only a shred of evidence to lead us there.Think about all of the things you did as a child, a teenager, and a young adult (before you had major responsibilities) that brought you happiness. Now think about some things you've done in recent years (whether in work or life in general) where you have felt really happy or content. How can you make space for more of those things that make you happy back into your life? The more we think about what we fear, the more we feed the fear. How much truth is there really in each fearful thing? Craft your life into the purest essence of exactly what you love the most so that your precious time is spent in the best way possible.Fear, which was once an appropriate reaction to real and present danger, is now the reaction to any imagined negative outcome. Then fear begins to control us, limit us, and ultimately overtake us. What are the odds that the fearful thing will come to pass? You've grown up, secured your job, created a steady income, have a nice place to live, have a pretty decent lifestyle.

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Remember when you were a kid, and pure, unadulterated joy was part of most every day?Overspending often ties in with complicating our lives, creating more stuff, more tasks, and more responsibilities that we don't really want. If you are an over-thinker, you must hop off the treadmill and begin taking action.Sound thinking followed by regular action is the most powerful combination in the world. But too often we attach truth and meaning to our angry feelings that aren't necessary.Guilt is our psyche's way of letting us know when we've acted against our integrity.

It can also signal that we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by someone.

We often spend money on impulse, buying to satisfy a brief whim, to fill a void, or to impress. We ruminate and pontificate, believing we can think ourselves to a result or resolution.