Roy qiu rainie yang dating jill and john wipeout dating

26-Oct-2020 18:59

Although the Tang Yanfang rumor, but at the time of Tang Yanjin hospital is a fact: There is a suspected medical photo spread out: the poor girl, but fortunately nothing!

After the matter came out, Yang Mi also made a micro-blog to tell you Tang Yan is very good, from a good sister combination debut, but this article also indirectly confirmed that micro-blog Roy Chiu Tse Tang Yan also do together.

Unnamed sources claiming to be Roy’s friend have told the newspapers that he refers to her as his “girlfriend” to his friends in private, and that his career took off like a rocket since he did with her, hence he also sees her as his good luck charm which is another reason why her picture is in his race car.

There have been rumors for quite some time that Roy and Tang Tang have more going on than just co-stars, so this comes as no surprise to me.

But Rainie Yang has forgotten this sad past, and slim Li Ronghao sweet affection very gentle man!

Not only sweet affection, career development is also very good, then people become more beautiful life.

After Tang Yan entered the entertainment circle never spread over the scandal, estimated this is the first time into the circle after the girl love, love during the pay is quite deep, so Roy Chiu Tse Tang Yan suffered a major blow to cheating, deep hurt Tang Yan once heard Dutch act attempted!So the question is, why do we all agree that Roy Chiu Tse is a slag man? Five years ago, Roy Chiu Tse from Taiwan to the mainland, the filming of the 80 episode TV series a film called "summer home three thousand gold", this is the beginning of his and Tang Yan's, Tang Yan plays his girlfriend down in the play Roy Chiu Tse's overbearing president and Tang Yan as the rich girl looks very good match, is said to have two people in the long drama has a spark.

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