Rss feed not updating

09-Sep-2020 02:36

When there is a 'new post', I can update and the new post will be shown.But when I run the same on my i Phone via (Simple RSS app) it does not work.This made it clear that the problem was being caused by my article ‘link’.That was the first article that hadn’t been published to the feed. This large volume of text had obviously pushed the file size of my feed over the 512kb limit.

Remember, your feed is an update on your content — not an archive for it — and you should use your publishing tools’ controls to make sure your feed doesn’t grow like kudzu possessed.

If it hasn’t been updated, reduce the number of posts until the feed displays correctly or perhaps change from full feed to excerpt temporarily.

RSS feeds are vital for delivering your latest content to your subscribers.

I knew that W3 page caching wasn’t stopping the WP Mods RSS feed from updating so I had to look into another solution. One of the options it offers is resyncing your feed. After attempting to resync my feed, Feedburner advised that the problem with my feed was due to the RSS feed file size being more than 512kb.

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This was something that I hadn´t known about before.

I assumed that there was no file size limit as all images are hosted externally.