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While in many ways the mountain troops added greatly to the capabilities of the ARMIR, in other ways these elite mountain fighters were ill-suited to the vast, flat expanses of southern Russia.

Like the CSIR, the ARMIR included an Aviation Command (Comando Aereo) with a limited number of fighters, bombers, and transport aircraft.

There was total absence of any portable anti-tank weapon, thus making hand grenades, machine guns and mortars the last resort against Soviet armour.

Hand grenades rarely detonated or detonated unpredictably.

The ARMIR was subordinated to German Army Group B (Heeresgruppe B) commanded by General Maximilian von Weichs.

In February 1943, after its near destruction during the Battle of Stalingrad, Mussolini disbanded what was left of the Italian 8th Army and the surviving Italian troops were unceremoniously brought home from Russia.

The II Corps included the new Sforzesca, Ravenna, and Cosseria divisions.

The Mountain Corps included the Tridentina, the Julia, and Cuneense divisions.

The ARMIR was also known as the 8th Italian Army and initially had 235,000 soldiers.Infantry small arms were also often inadequate or even useless.

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