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We are a global mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and eco-friendly travel.

Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, we have quickly established one of the largest long-distance mobility networks in the world – and our journey has just begun.

This document is governed by the 1 March 2017 W3C Process Document. This document was published by the W3C XML Query Working Group and the W3C XSLT Working Group, each of which is part of the XML Activity.

This Recommendation specifies XSLT and XQuery Functions and Operators (F&O) version 3.1, a fully compatible extension of F&O version 3.0.

This document defines functions and operations on these datatypes as well as the other types (for example, nodes and sequences of nodes) defined in Section 2.7 Schema Information of the [XQuery and XPath Data Model (XDM) 3.1].

W3C maintains a public list of any patent disclosures (W3C XML Query Working Group) and a public list of any patent disclosures (W3C XSLT Working Group) made in connection with the deliverables of each group; these pages also include instructions for disclosing a patent.