Sanaa hamri dating

13-Mar-2020 12:10

She breaks up with Brian when he completes landscaping her yard.

After a few dates with Mark, Kenya realizes that Brian is the man she loves and wants to be with in spite of his race.

Her main social life is with her besties: Judge – Cheryl (Wendy Raquel Robinson), Pediatrician – Suzette (Golden Brooks), and Banker – Nedra (Taraji P. They get together often and school each other on looking for an IBM (Ideal Black Man).

SOMETHING NEW Something new can be a serendipitous experience.

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That is a “hell no” with black women who wear weaves.

Allain admits the film will ruffle some feathers because there are still many who consider the subject of dating outside your race a taboo. "It's happening, and part of what the issues are has to do with people creating their box and not wanting to step outside of it.