Sedating racoons

21-Oct-2019 01:01

Since the family will not stay forever, or even for a very long time (a month or two, perhaps less), it is better to wait until the family vacates and then take action that will prevent the same thing from happening again.

24-Hour Hotline: 830.336.2725 Address: 137 Earl Street, San Antonio, TX 78212 • Phone: 210.257.8823 • Web Address: you find a wild animal in crisis, or need emergency assistance with a wild animal, please contact WRR, 24-hours a day.

This is the time when most species of native wildlife are having their young and there may be babies in, under, or around your house that are entirely dependent on their mother for food and protection.

Any action that prevents the mother from caring for her young will result in suffering for her and a slow death for the babies.

Phone: 210.588.9911 • Web Address: Wildlife offers animal and wildlife removal, relocation and control services in San Antonio.

Usually Raccoons gain entry into garbage cans by tipping them over.Sprinkle the pepper generously in areas that the animal has been seen coming and going such as a hole leading under the deck or around trees that give the animal access to the attic.Animals cannot tolerate the presence of the pepper and they will vacate the area.Then, the raccoon was sedated so that the team could safely cut the can away.

However, as soon as the medication began to take effect, the raccoon relaxed and the can slipped easily from his head.

Once these techniques are used for several days, tape a piece of newspaper over the hole.

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