Sedating the triple warmer ukraine dating agency ukraine

14-Aug-2020 06:42

This is where we need that fight or flight response which is in total connection to the Triple Warmer Meridian.These days, the simple act of someone cutting us of in traffic can activate that flight or fight response and therefore put Triple Warmer into over drive which then sucks the energy out of Spleen Meridian due the Yin/Yang connection.It was explained how different times of the day certain organs and energy systems are more activated than others as well as the relationship between the opposite meridians within the chart.They explained the important role of Triple Warmer is simply keeping us alive which is why it plays a strong part in the over all energy system.After this weeks lesson, I have added the exercises to sedate Triple Warmer to the daily energy routine and this has been the biggest shift for me so far.

You can read the module review for this course for week 2 here, and week 1 here.

When Triple Warmer is in harmony with Spleen meridian, your immune system, metabolism and mood stay in balance.

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