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04-Dec-2019 05:05

Each video presents a concept or idea, and then at the end of the video, you are given an exercise to carry out.

These exercises are often interactive, requiring you to go out into the world and try something. Once you complete an exercise, you are encouraged to do a write up about what you learned.

If you value intelligence above all else, then you will be willing to overlook other traits in favor of intelligence. So if something continues to arise in them (or if nothing arises at all — no pun intended), it means that the best place to start is with ourselves. Then pretend like you don’t know her until she calls you back. The cool thing about our romantic relationships is that we are always contributing to them.For instance, honesty generates better relationships than hype or impressing others.

Trust generates better relationships than power/dominance. And respect generates better relationships than always being right.

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