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15-May-2020 17:03

The “hierarchy” on there has not changed, and will never change. If you were here in the early 00s, then no, there has been no massive overhaul.

But really, and I’m not saying any of this to be rude, for your own good - don’t fall down that rabbit hole again.

Williams noted that a survey taken last year that asked participants their opinions on the recruitment process showed that PNMs wanted more informal opportunities to get to know older members during the fall semester.

In response to this, each randomly assigned “sister sorority” pairing will hold an open house next fall to allow PNMs to get to know the members more casually and become more comfortable being in the sorority houses before formal recruitment begins.

These changes include making the recruitment process more transparent by making each sorority hold an open house in the fall and discuss the financial obligations of membership during the first day of recruitment.“I was looking forward to being able to wear stickers and being able to put them on my guy friends, so I think buttons are going to be harder,” said first-year and member of Tri Delta sorority Eva Herr.