Signing up with an online dating service

27-Jul-2020 02:42

“Oh, this one’s hot,” my wife cooed over a 53-year-old, 6-foot Jon Hamm look-alike who rated a 92 percent match.

His profile showed him relaxing at a lakehouse he probably purchased with his 0,000 yearly income.

As an example, I was the first person my wife met using online dating.

While her experience is far different from most people, there is still a good chance you can meet someone in a few months.

RELATED: 200 Real Women Reveal the First Thing They Notice about a Guy “Oh, and this one’s funnier than you are,” my wife said, referring to his statement: “I’m willing to lie about how we met.” At least I could discount as serious rivals the dozen who posted photos of themselves with patches of different-colored long hair falling on their shoulders.

As my wife noted: “These jack-asses couldn’t find a picture they didn’t have to crop an ex-girlfriend out of?

We answered more than a dozen personal questions about our interests, our habits and what we seek in a mate. (We met in a bar 11 years ago, before online dating was the norm.) Should we have found each other at all?

That’s a B-plus, my high school average, and it’s good enough to get by now, too. For instance, I know each of us wanted someone taller.

(I’m 5-5, my wife is 5-3, and normal-size offspring was important to both of us in case we had a son—which, luckily, we didn’t.) My wife’s search was a different story, however, suggesting 61 specimens of better manhood for her than me—within the surrounding 20 miles alone. And I almost kind of had to agree with that assessment.

Here are some reasons why: Initially, when I first tried e Harmony I was excited.

It took much of the guess work out of online dating and, since I was so new to internet dating at that time, this was a big plus.

This soured my wife on our experiment after only about an hour.

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