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16-Sep-2019 04:56

Gay men and women with pets can communicate the same character traits to potential mates, who will evaluate and appreciate them in a similar manner, said Daniel J. And that, she said, is a powerful mating signal.“Having a dog really says something about you,” said Dr. “It says you can care for a creature, that you can follow a schedule and get home to feed it, that you can walk it and love it and spend time with it.”It’s a signal that the man may make not only a good friend but a good parent, she said.“That’s the bottom line message that women get when they see a man with a dog: He’s capable of nurturing, of giving without receiving a lot, of caring for another. Morrill is happily married and not in the market for a relationship).In fact, studies and pet statistics show that roughly 42% of households contain a dog and 33% contain a cat.60% (or 3 of 5) of all households in the United States owns some kind of pet, making it a very serious shared interest in the dating game.Not only is a dog a man's best friend, but happens to be woman's best friend as well!These statistics may come as a shock to many people.Photo: Dog makes man look good and approachable; otherwise he'd just look like a "strange man"... Evidence also suggests that there may also be a biological reason for women being attracted to single animal lovers and men who have pets.

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The pet makes men appear much more approachable, friendly and less intimidating".

Are you single and interested in dating a fellow pet lover and animal lover?

Believe it or not, most of the population has a soft spot for animals and many more women than men are pet lovers!

The consensus in multiple experiments shows that animals really help in getting dates.

Not to mention, most animals are cuddly, fluffy, soft and fun to play with - or slithery and crawly if you are the type that prefers snakes, reptiles, spiders and the like.These are excellent traits for single men and women who are seeking long term relationships and long lasting love.

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